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Nig Latin is similar to pig latin but with an ebonics twist. Instead of the first consonant being moved to the end of the word and "ay" affixed, Nig Latin relies heavily on the first consonant for the words meaning and the term "izzle" is affixed. Often izzle takes the place of several letters in the word. Nig Latin coupled with normal ebonics makes the language almost impossible for Caucasians to decipher. For example: For sure my Nigger would translate into fo' shizzle my nizzle. It is sometimes referred to as 'snoop speak' because it was made popular by rap artist snoop dog.
Jamal: Let's go fuckizzle mizzle in the bizzle, my nizzle!

Carl: NO! Are you Craizzle?!

Jamal: Drizzink this Colt forty-fizzle

Carl: *gulp gulp* Let's go get mizzles pooizzle on our fatizzle blizzle dizzongs!

Jeff: I do not understand you guys. You must have been speaking nig latin.

by Stuartv July 10, 2008
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On the same token as Pig latin, yet the "A" sound is substituted for "izz" or "izzle" though it can be placed anywhere in the word not just the end.
English: Fuck you
Nig Latin: Fizzuck Yizzou

English: Suck a male camel's dick with miracle whip

Nig Latin: Sizzuck a Mizzale Cizzamels dizzick with mizziracle whizzip
by H to the o-s-s October 03, 2004
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