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a statement that includes a wildly exaggerated figure, but is delivered as fact.
"I've seen Star Wars at least 350 times."
by Guy Incognito November 11, 2003

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A seemingly far-fetched scenario in which there are no rational choices to resolve it and no rational explanation for how it came into being in the first place.
I either have to move across the country in two weeks, or be unemployed for a year.

The professor never taught from the book, then his midterm was on nothing but the book, so 95% of the class failed.
by Guy Incognito November 11, 2003

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An initiation ritual common in parts of Massachusetts, The person to be initiated is held down by two conspirators, as the 3rd man surprises the victim with a thumb up the BUM.
After receiving the full brunt of the Bandit, Little Tommy was unable to sit down for 5 days, He also developed a compulsion for keeping his back against the wall.
by Guy Incognito July 01, 2003

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An older woman trying way too hard to look young. Usually heavy makeup and way too tan, sometimes orange. Generally has leathery, smoking damaged skin, short skirt, and may have obvious breast implants.
See any big city bar scene.
by Guy Incognito January 29, 2005

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