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A russian Mafia Leader who is always high on hash and drugs, who drinks Vodka and never sleeps. Who loves his grey russian cat, and plays chess like Kasparov. Denniez owns Prussia
Denniez is stoned again. Denniez Mafia vs USA
by guu December 14, 2003

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My grey Cat is a Russian Cat that lives in Switzerland. It is subject to torture every day. It eats garbage and drinks ice cream every day. It is the cat of the mafia leader Denniez.
Denniez, stop throwing the "GREY CAT" by his tail around the house
by guu December 14, 2003

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when sumbody plays a trick on you
me-yo i gotta tell you sumthing
sum guy-wut
me-im pregant
sum guy-holy shit, how did this happen
me-haha you've just been punk'd

RIP-me..sum guy just killed me
by guu May 17, 2003

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a big red thing that makes specific ip grlz cry in corners
me:here comes a fire truck
LaU: ahhhh a firetruck
me:haha lau

DeDicaTeD 2 LaU
by Guu October 08, 2003

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