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Scott’s Empty Scrotum (SES) syndrome is a condition when the Scrotum (Testicular portion) of men become enlarged, at times Purple, yet their is nothing inside the SAC.
I thought he was also a Wise Guy, but he had Scott’s Empty SAC.

He did not knock her up because he is now 40 years old & has Scott’s Empty Scrotum (SES) Syndrome.

scott’s Balls WiseGuy’s Wise Guy’s Balls 40 Scot’s Scrotum Purple Balls Purple Scrotum Eggplant SAC Empty
by Guruji Irv December 4, 2017
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Similar to “Scots Balls” but much smaller in size at birth until the age of 40. At 40, the Hornone flow, cause’s the Scots Balls to become large Purple Balls. There is a tendency for the man that think they are “Wise Guys Balls” to have this health condition. Also known as, Big Sac.

#BigSac #ScotsBalls #PurpleBalls #WiseGuys
Since they were purple in pigmentation, He was born with Scott’s Balls ; which turned into a Big Sac at age 40.
by Guruji Irv December 4, 2017
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An Antonina Moon is the most beautiful, & clear moon that appears in the Sky when the wind is still, the ocean’s are at Peace & it is during a month that starts with the letter; “J.” An Antonina Moon brings forth awareness of the most beautiful flower one can imagine, with sensations of the scent of pure Rose. It is said that an Antonina Moon brings flexibility, strength “ inner power, Peace & Beauty to a person that meditates on this full Moon for an Hour every month that starts with the letter “J.”
While meditating during an Antonina Moon, I felt my breath relaxed & flexible and an opening for new beginnings start to come true within my Self.

If you meditate on an Antonina Moon, you will find a fresh view that enables you to find Peace within.

An Antonina Moon is the most beautiful spiritual Moon there is.

moon Love spiritual peace meditation yoga sky
by Guruji Irv December 27, 2017
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A Yoga Ashram that is surrounded by marijuana growers who grow a strain of marijuana that induces sensations of Being One with God.
Sally’s belief in God comes from Sivananda’s Grass.

Today I was harvesting Sivananda’s grass and thought I found heaven.

grass marijuana weed god hallucination pot Sivananda Yoga
by Guruji Irv December 15, 2017
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A Dicks Hip Flap is when a hip surgery is required due to a portion of torn painful ligament that becomes stuck on the ball portion of the hip socket. This ligament flap appears on MRI like the shape of a head on a circumcised penis. It is this shape that creates the flap to cause the pain.
Her hip requires surgery due to the Dick’s Hip Flap, found on her MRI.

The release of the Alan’s K hormone caused her hips to vibrate and develop a Dick’s Hip Flap.

You walk like you are suffering from a small Dick’s Hip Flap. MRI HIP Alan’s K Scot’s Scrotum wiseguys penis ligament pain hormone scott’s Balls
by Guruji Irv December 20, 2017
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Alan’s K is an organic hormone secretion that is produced by the U-gene, that tends to create orgasmic sensations in women.
Her sensations of pleasure are due to the level of Alan’s K she has in her body.

If you rub the Alan’s K hormone ointment on her, she tends to become stimulated in a wild way.

A Sarina girl is easily aroused with Alan’s K.

Sarina Kaye orgasam hormones arrousal scotts Balls Scots Scrotum Wiseguy’s Alan’s K aphrodisiac oysters testosterone Dick’s Hip Flap
by Guruji Irv December 15, 2017
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1a. Another name for testicular blood flow becoming normal at about age 40.

1b. At approximately age 40, when a man born with with Scot’s Balls / Scott’s Balls has Hormones flowing normal again.
1. WiseGuys : His WiseGuysare back to having normal blood flow.

2. His WiseGuy’s are still purple so he should become aware of getting Big Sac.
by Guruji Irv December 4, 2017
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