4 definitions by GunterThePenguin

The act of when you get shot by an albino kid.
I was at the Wiz Khalifa concert when I got shot by an albino kid.....it felt good.
by GunterThePenguin March 14, 2019
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Very rare type or porn, some say it doesn't exist, and I say that is untrue.
Jim: Hey Bob, wanna watch some albino porn?
Bob: That shit doesn't exist, it's a myth!
Jim: That's untrue!
by GunterThePenguin March 13, 2019
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Someone who has a fat and short head. Also, their nose may look like a little chode.
Samantha is a chode faced freak.
by GunterThePenguin April 18, 2019
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Dalton is a faggot. Daltons usually have little to no friends or social lives. Most are uncultured swines that don't even use urban dictionary!
The parents of Dalton: You suck Dalton! You were a mistake!
by GunterThePenguin January 30, 2019
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