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a follicle of hair that grows in the anal cavity when you hold an online grudge longer than you can hold a job; usually assosciated with fat people who hide behind their computers better than interacting with people face to face - thus holding a grudge longer than a job.

anti-socialgrudge fucker
"Dude!!! I got this large EvilHamsterOfDeath flying out of my ass!"

"His anal cavity was largely populated and overrun with EvilHamsterOfDeaths because someone called him fat online too many times."

"He had an EvilHamsterOfDeath removed from his ass after being called a fat ass online."
by Gunny_Snipes October 08, 2004

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noun (count) - the perplex motion caused by jerking your hand up and down on you cock or the cock of a friend. masturbator - cock lover - jerk off king
- "Duuuuuude.... I just had an epoch! My friend necro just gave me one"

- "Son, if you epoch too much, you'll go blind!"
by Gunny_Snipes November 20, 2004

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