3 definitions by Guano Psycho

Sexual feat of taking or giving one cum shot to the head, and one in the bunker.
My blind date was an absolute freak; she took a double Hitler, and still came back for more.
by Guano Psycho March 11, 2016
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This is an effort to re-define and change the negative connotations associated with efforts to encourage correct grammar; currently referred to as grammar nazi
Grammar Nazi? Please! My edicts are directly from the revered texts of the public education system. They are intended to improve both your personal and societal interactions. I prefer "Grammar Pope."
by Guano Psycho October 22, 2017
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CSI: Mom's Basement is the term given to social media warriors who, (from the safety of mom's basement or some other hermetically sealed room), convict a public figure or high profile suspect based on fringe blogs, poorly sourced media, or personal biases.
So, you're just going to decide she's guilty based on a couple tweets and your own prejudices...what're you, CSI: Mom's Basement?
by Guano Psycho September 4, 2017
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