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Where an Earworm is played from when you get one.

An Earworm is a song that gets stuck in your head and replays over and over again. Your mindPod is where it gets played from. You can have several songs repeating on your mindPod.
Andrew: I'm so all about that Peter, Bjorn & John track!

Sergio: Dude, me too! It's stuck on repeat on my mindPod!
by Gryffen July 11, 2007

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Someone with no outstanding physical, mental or social characteristics of any kind... So much so that they are boring.
Meaghan: So I went on a second date with that guy the other night... it's so weird because he's the most like, normal guy I've ever gone out with... he's ordinary but at least he's not bordinary.
by Gryffen November 24, 2007

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When someone speaking is interrupted by an unexpected kiss from another.
He was in the middle of explaining why he was standing in her door when she kissterrupted him... it was so romantic!
by Gryffen February 18, 2011

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