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I can’t tell if Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity, are putting us on or being unironic. Yes I know you googled Unironically, but I don’t care. Am I being unironic now? Who knows? You’ll never know.
by GrowUpitsNot1969 March 25, 2021
A zealot who’s perspective has been crafted by a divisive opinion news media acting in bad faith, which has degraded their respect for humanitarian ideals and leads them to believe they are entitled to enact violence against a fictitious evil know as “the left” when in reality they are just hurting their fellow neighbors and empowering opportunists to trash societal institutions.
You know if I wasn’t mentally prepared to kill one in self defense, I might actually feel sorry for that Yeehawdi.
by GrowUpitsNot1969 February 22, 2021