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What the fuck does that mean?
The company said they would intimate me if another promotion similar to the one they just had was offered again.....Intimate? WTFDTM?
by Grove Girl January 18, 2008
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Living well, big house, nice car, smart
That chick is out of your league, she's high rent, you can't afford her.
by Grove Girl January 11, 2008
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Country strong farm boys and girls. Very strong for their size. Strong from hard work on the farm. Functional fitness, good work ethic, not huge and muscle bound, but very strong.
City boy: can you help me lift this tire?
Farm boy: here, I'll just carry them both.
City boy: dang you are strong!
Farm boy: yep, I'm country strong I guess.
by Grove Girl June 17, 2011
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sharp looking, fresh, player, good style,hip and fashionable
The jelly shoe and mini skirt was so suditty back in the 80's.
by Grove Girl January 18, 2008
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The kind of strong you get doing CrossFit workouts. Similar to "country strong." The men and women that do CrossFit Workouts rarely change in size, so the aren't huge, but they are extremely strong and have great endurance. Similar to country farm boys that do functional work daily. No abs can compare to the greatness of CrossFit abs. Total core workout.
Weightlifter: dude, you are not very big to be deadlifting all that weight, you need a weight belt.

CrossFitter: this is just my warm-up

Weightlifter: but you aren't a huge muscle head, like all my buds.

Crossfitter: no, I'm CrossFit strong!
by Grove Girl June 17, 2011
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A person who does CrossFit and is in great physical shape. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements = CrossFit. A CrossFitter actually can't wait to get his/her WOD on. (workout of the day)
Girl: why are you so excited about going to exercise my step class is so boring!

CrossFitter I love to go workout! It's something new and different everyday!!
by Grove Girl June 17, 2011
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