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The Most Vicious Man In History.
Physically identified by his inhumanly huge forearms (and possibly, calf muscles), squinty eye, pipe-smoking habit, and incessant mumbling and mispronunciation of words, this cartoon/comic strip sailor from many years ago is typically found fighting anyone from his rival "Bluto", to Sinbad the sailor himself, for the affection of the possibly anorexic and incredibly small-breasted "Olive Oyl".

Best known for his fondness of a certain green leafy vegetable, Popeye (already a fairly rough and tough individual) has been known to increase in strength, agility, speed, and nearly every other positive physical attribute as a result of his eating of Spinach. Also, inexplicably, upon the consumption of said Spinach, songs such as "Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue" and certain other notable pieces of classic patriotic music tend to play out of nowhere, along with a small portrait of a turbine engine, piston, or cannon firing being strangely superimposed over Popeye's bicep.

Should you ever be in a situation where you have offended/attacked/are caught in a barfight with Popeye, and must defend yourself, restrict his spinach consumption at all costs. If this is impossible, your only option is to run. For the love of God, just turn and run, because as soon as you hear that music start playing, it's too late. What is that? What is that song!? Oh God, he's heard me! Oh my God, not that, no Popeye, noooaaaaaaieeeee-

I 'yam what I 'yam, and that's all that I 'yam! -Popeye
"I'm strong to the finish, 'cause I eat's me spinach... I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!" -Popeye
by Grin Reaper April 07, 2003

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A term that is typically used to define something that radiates hopelessness, or produces an aura of unfortunate circumstances to come.
"The future looked grim for the couple, as they drifted along in the lifeboat, with no food nor water to speak of."

"The desolate crater that was at some time too far back to remember, a thriving populace, only produced a feeling of dread, as he looked upon it's grim countenance".
by Grin Reaper March 24, 2003

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