6 definitions by GreninjaWinner

A game where everyone shoots everyone for no reason. Also the hugest hot spot for spurs and swears.
Guy 1: you play pavlov shack?
Guy 2: yeah I got kicked for saying the n-word when I didn’t.
by GreninjaWinner July 29, 2022
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One of the absolute best characters in the wings of fire book series, and if you disagree then you are simply wrong.
A:hey do you know about cricket wof?

B: as in the bug?
by GreninjaWinner January 19, 2023
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A dragon that is barely shown through books 1-12, is a half rainwing half nightwing hybrid. Is a better, younger, rainwing version of Darkstalker.
A:Peacemaker is cool
B:Like the one from marvel?
by GreninjaWinner January 3, 2023
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The absolute best character in WOF who deserves to be protected at all costs. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong, and their opinion shall change.
A:Do you like Qibli?
by GreninjaWinner January 3, 2023
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Percy from Vox Machina going into Batman (Orphan) mode.
Person 1: hey you see him?

Person 2: oh yeah that’s Percy going into no mercy percy mode.
by GreninjaWinner November 6, 2023
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