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A small town east of Indianapolis, with popultion of just over 70,000 people.

Greenfield is well known for the Hoosier poet, James Whitcomb Riley, and Olympian, Jaycie Phelps.

Greenfield is, in fact, home to quote a few farmers, and contrary to popular belief, Greenfield is also home to people of hundreds of other occupations.

The Greenfield-Central School Corporation does have it's "ups and downs." Overall, GCSC provides a wonderful educational atmosphere for students.

People of many different ethnicities and races not only occupy, but are welcome in Greenfield.

Greenfield has a plethera of fun activities to enjoy. I regret to admit, though, that the majority of the town's teenagers like to hang out at the Walmart.
Greenfield, Indiana is like any other small town in the U.S. We have our joys and our controversies. And there's more than just corn.
by Greenfieldian July 29, 2011
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