3 definitions by Gooncomander

the street slag equivalent of "NoHomo", except that it only serves to reinforce the Homo connotation.
Dustin: “Slide this in like this, can you? Thank you” (NoSteve)
by Gooncomander August 19, 2010
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The phenomenon where to similar items are placed back to back. It is usually used to bring a vivid and disturbing visual to mind.

This is a direct reference to the movie Requiem for a Dream.
Mike: I looked up the new Mac Book air today, they have a picture of 2 of them Jennifer Connelly'd
Steve: Aw dude, that’s so wrong...
Mike: I know, right?
by Gooncomander November 23, 2010
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The phrase used to attach mock signifgance to an event stated by others. It is ussually reserved for statements made that display a complete lack of imagination or humor.
Steve: I put a mirror on the floor so i could look at my anus.
Mike: That's classic Chappel
by Gooncomander June 25, 2010
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