3 definitions by Goldy5

1.A little girl who likes to show her cleavage to the world of online computer predators


2.Someone who has so many friends that they could start a second planet
Man 1- YES!! i have finally gotten to 23 Million Myspace Friends!!

Man 2- Dude, you are a fucking myspace whore.
by Goldy5 June 4, 2007
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The act of titty fucking a girl, then proceeding to rip her tits off mercilessly and shove them up her vag. Once her severed tits are in place, you proceed to fuck mercilessly. This serves as fucking the tits and vag simataniously.
"Yo i heard Caron had to go to the emergency room after your party last friday.."
"Yep, gave her The Grand Finale, and the bitch couldn't handle it"
by Goldy5 June 17, 2008
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The term Ludacris (and anyone else trying to be gangster) will use to say the white word "mouth"
From Rollout Video "Diamondz and Gold, is dat watchu keep in yp MOUF?"
by Goldy5 June 4, 2007
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