The slogan by diehard Trumpists and QAnonists who want their “political savior” to run again for President in 2024, because no credible Republicans have the moral courage to speak up against electoral injustice or fraud committed by the Deep State or Socialist Left in 2020.
Morally bankrupt senators are asking their supporters to donate to the Trump 2024 campaign, so that they could “make Donald Trump great again,” assuming that he wouldn’t be behind bars or flee the country as a fugitive by then.
by MathPlus November 7, 2020
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Donald trump is your President well whether you like it or not. Has very orange skin but is awesome. He will become president.
Guy 1- who was the best president of all time

Guy 2-joe Biden

Guy 3- so you like when he sniffs kids!!!
Guys 2- actually Donald trump 2024 is a good president
by Ny Trump February 27, 2021
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