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The result of detailed attention or keyhole topiary to the lady garden or landing strip.
My bush is quimaculate since I bought those new Black & Decker electric shears!
by Global Reach My 4rse February 3, 2009
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To guess.

Utterly pointless use of the word "second" to convey no additional meaning but with the intention of appearing more intelligent than in fact. Much beloved of political reporters. See also Anytime soon.
The Tories are trying to second guess what UKIP will have as the main plank of their Euro-election manifesto.
by Global Reach My 4rse January 13, 2014
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Has recently become an over-used preface to completely unrelated following statement, typically used by stiff, grey people in a self-defeating attempt to appear individual or at least interesting. Fail
Building Surveyor to Client: "...blah, blah, drone. And y'know what? I said we'll be making new law!"
Client: "Zzzzz"
Building Surveyor: "I'm a senior director"
by Global Reach My 4rse January 13, 2014
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