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Said in one of the old Tarzan movies by Tarzan's actor, Johnny Weissmüller.
Hilariously enough, it doesn't mean anything real but in the movie it means:

"Elephants, come and destroy the whole village except hut number three from right where I’m lying on the floor!"
Don Rosa, a comic artist/writer, used this in Chapter XI of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck". Scrooge disrespected the voodoo gods and Foola Zoola shouts "M'GAWA NIKTIMBA!" at him.
by GlitteringGoldie March 22, 2014
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When a guy is stuck in a lackluster marriage but refuses to get a divorce due to religious reasons or moral obligation to appease his own conscious. These men usually wind up having extramarital relationships despite this.

In reference to Spencer Tracy, an actor who, despite being in love with actress Katherine Hepburn and living with her for many years (as well as having affairs with dozens of other actresses), refused to divorce his wife since he was a Catholic. His wife knew about the affair and didn't do anything about it.
"So is Jeff going to leave his wife for you or what? You've been in an affair for 3 years now!"
"Nah, he's got Spencer Tracy syndrome. He's afraid to hurt her feelings even though he's lying behind her back!"
by GlitteringGoldie November 11, 2017
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