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A preserved apple which has lost the majority of its water content and thus appears wrinkled and shriveled. It was a term invented by Shakespeare, not Seth MacFuckingFarlane.
“I am withered like an old apple-john.” Shakespeare: 1 Henry IV. iii. 3.
by Gliese September 12, 2010
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A synonym for diarrhea, especially when it is induced by the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages.
I got spongy on Guinness last night and now I have a bad case of sinner's ass.
by Gliese November 27, 2009
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1. Extremely drunk, to the point that the flesh leaks alcohol when compressed.

2. Capable of drinking a great amount of alcohol without losing faculties.
1. I got spongy down at the Rose and Crown last night and I had to be carried home.

2. John just drank five pints of stout and he hasn't slurred a single word. He's a spongy bastard.
by Gliese November 27, 2009
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To drink copiously from a vessel while tilting it so far that some liquid also flows around around your mouth and splashes onto your shirt.
It is hard to avoid quaffing from this Nalgene bottle. The opening is far too wide.
by Gliese October 05, 2009
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