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The philosophy that follows the values of Ms. Goarine Nersesian. This belief follows the mistrust of Russian bears and many of the ideals that embody the forceful culture of Russia and Armenia. One does not doubt or contradict Nersesianism, or else one will be utterly destroyed and raped. The forceful sense of Nersesianism contradicts itself at points, but eventually straightens out.

Do not trust Russian Bear
Dude 1: Hey where are you going?
Dude 2: To church why?
Dude 1: Just wondering...are you Catholic?
Dude 2: Nah I'm Lutherian; why, what are you?
Dude 1: I believe all religions are pointless, and I believe in the ideals of Nersesianism.
Dude 2: What's that?
Dude 1: Never trust Russian Bear.
Dude 2: So its a religion?
Dude 1: No, its a belief, that believes that all religions are pointless, and follows the beliefs of Ms. Goarine Nersesian.
Dude 2: Cool.
Dude 1: Abort your religion! Infadels!
by Gingerification February 25, 2012

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A disease where you turn green and implode.
Dude 1: What happened to Jeff?
Dude 2: He imploded because he got Garfunkelitis.
Dude 1: Shit! Dude. Wow.
by Gingerification February 25, 2012

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