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A term in ancient times to distinguish between tribes. Ireland and Scottland had them. Not really part of the Ku clan in the UK. Native American Indians in different tribes could have been called clansmen.
Braveheart had many clansmen on the battlefield
by GhostScripter July 08, 2010
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A person in the family who is sold for production. Such as a native American indian shop secretly owned by a slave laborer. Santa's little helpers. Sex slaves in the industry.
Someone had to pull a Rumplestilskin out of the family to help with slave labor work of doll making.

The underground textile industry has a good Rumplestilskin technique for second class citizens.

Rumplestilskin sex sites are usually unknown world wide.
by GhostScripter July 08, 2010
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People who run around and conscript people into their religious clan by luring them using little curses or actions.
1. Someone wore a baby blue shirt and became the big white hype without them knowing. Thost baptists!

2. I ate a hamburger and all of a sudden I am considered part of the gay community. I was baptized into the gay community.
by GhostScripter July 08, 2010
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