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A favor you do someone with good intentions but that in the end hurts the receiving party.

The word has originated from a fable by Jean de La Fontaine where a bear tries to helps his master in chasing a fly away from his face by throwing a boulder at his master, and killing him in the process.

Example: If you do someone's homework you do them a bear favor. You do them a favor, but in the end they haven't learned anything.
When today's parents spoil their children they do the children and society a bear favor.
by Ghost Tartar October 20, 2014

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A video game genre that originated in DayZ, a Arma 2 mod, where one for the main portion of the game traverses the huge game world without doing much else. The term has since come to define a broader genre of games where the walking is a big part of the experience.
"Dude, have you played DayZ yet? It's maybe the best walking simulator out there!"
by Ghost Tartar April 17, 2014

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Another way of typing "rekt" AKA "wrecked". It is sometimes used during multiplayer videogames when one side completely dominated the opponents without giving them a chance to fight back. Typically said to be disrespectful towards your opponents.
"You got r4kt, better uninstall"
by Ghost Tartar October 13, 2015

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