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the act of dancing and knitting simultaneously
it's kinda gay
Jack: *is knitting*
Cooper: *puts on music*
Jack: *starts swaying back and forth with the beat while knitting*
Cooper: what are you doing
Jack: i dunno, knancing?
Cooper: oh
by Get yeeted on October 15, 2018
when someone finds something funny and replies with random keyboard mashing rather than saying lmao or lol to show they're amused
mostly gays, preteens, or tumblr users use this tactic (or sometimes all three)
Gail: yo i fell down the stairs again
Sara: gGgHDGGDHShhhhdgdskskKDH
Gail: what the fuck was that
Sara: gay keyboard mashing
Gail: oh
by Get yeeted on October 15, 2018