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Fantastic motorcycles for people who want to stand out from the crowd.
The one that everybody admires
by gerbil August 13, 2004

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A fun thing to play with friends. An addiciton to others
Dance Dance Revolution is life.
by Gerbil September 14, 2004

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the way tube passengers shuffle and bump onto the carriage especially when most of the occupants of the carriage are still trying to get off the carriage
while shufflebumping onto the central line yesterday , Steve managed to collided into a skinny spotty chavette and her boyfriends 27 year old mother.
by gerbil September 20, 2004

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A lady's ass that is so flat and wide that it resembles a tank like structure. If she layed down you can use that tank ass for a table.
Slut bend over so i can ram rod your tank ass then eat some butt
by gerbil April 17, 2003

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someone who is commonly mistaken for a liberal. Someone who usually resides in america and hates it so much that htey don't leave.
There's a big difference between liberal and anit-american
by Gerbil September 15, 2004

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