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really good information, hot off the press, insider stuff
I just got the pukka gen on the new G4 phones
by George TheCar June 30, 2009

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a small yappy dog on a leash, one that, if it were to attack, would be brushed off like a bit of lint on your clothes.
If you really wanted a dog to meet women, why did you pick that ludicrous piece of leash lint that has a cat's lease!

If you didn't want a real dog, why didn't you just buy one of those stiff leashes that allows you to pretend you have a dog.
by George TheCar August 17, 2009

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A term, derisive, attached to the talking heads on TV who end up producing babble instead of a rational, informative discussion.
The panel discussing health care reform rapidly deteriorated from an informed discussion into a collection of babbleheads, full of sound and fury, creating nothing but noise.
by George TheCar March 24, 2010

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Someone who drives poorly and you hope "someday" they will get driving lessons and finally learn to drive.

A replacement for Sunday driver directed at people who are driving poorly, very slowly in the left lane or just dithering and dawdling, not signaling or just plain unaware of their surroundings and what is the appropriate response. Often holding a cell phone! A crash waiting to occur!
Look at that someday driver, maybe he'll finally learn how to use his signal.

Let's pass that someday driver before he loses control and drives some poor innocent off the road!
by George TheCar August 17, 2009

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