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when someone types or writes in capitals either by accident or on purpose.

this is very common in instant messengers where someone will accidently have caps lock on and then type or accidently press the caps lock button on mid sentence. It looks very annoying and signifys that they constantly shout.
Example 1: what you doiNG LATER ON?
example 2: OKAY I DONT MIND
example 3: I DoNt TyPe WiTh CaPs AbUsE
by Geon106 May 20, 2007
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schools are were children are harvested when they're ready to become adults. In the UK this is until their 16(unless they stay on and do extra exams till their 18) and in America its till their 18 years old. Schools are also unsafe as its not uncommon for students to be raped/assaulted by teachers.
School Teacher - "your mine till your 15 and then i'm going to know the end is near and work you like a dog!"
by Geon106 December 3, 2006
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Morrisons is a supermarket chain in the UK. It used to be called Safeway. Their slogan is "More reasons to shop at Morrisons" They're colour scheme is yellow(Safeways was red).
Lets all get our shopping from Morrisons
by Geon106 December 3, 2006
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