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Similar to Persian sunglasses. The act involves waiting until someone has fallen asleep (usu. through intoxication) Then, in order to perform the act, another person positions themselves above the sleeping party, and dropping their testicles over the sleepers eyes, with their penis laying down over the nose. Therefore resembling the iconic "Groucho Marx" disguise.
Conor: I heard Pete was tellin' everyone about that thing.

James: Yeah.

Conor: So I went one step further; and gave him a Persian Groucho, when he fell asleep.
by Gazuba January 24, 2010

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A phrase referring to the numbered levels of how fundamentally wrong a given act, person, place, item etc is. One being the lowest and Seven being a quite disgusting/horrible thing.
A man slaps a small child hard in the face. This would be a

One, or perhaps a Two at most.
The act of monging for example would fare much higher on the scale. At Level Six or Seven. From these examples you can ascertain the Range that the Seven Levels of Wrong cover.
by Gazuba January 15, 2010

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The act of waiting until someone has fallen asleep (usu. through intoxication) then proceeding to position oneself over the sleeping party in such a way as to drop your scrotum onto their closed eyelids.
Pete: Hey mate did you hear about Conor?

James: No, what happened him now?

Pete: He fell asleep at that house party and got a pair of Persian Sunglasses!

James: spastic
by Gazuba January 14, 2010

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