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A derogatory name that Italian-Canadians call white Euro-mixed background english speaking Canadians. Sometimes shortened to "CAKER".
"Maria, what is that mungicake Jessica doing working in Woodbridge? Shouldn't see be back in Oakville, where she belongs?"
by GasMan May 7, 2006
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1970's Gas Crisis is the term for a sex act in which a length of plastic tube is inserted into the partner's anus, and sucked on. The act is so named because it appears similar to the gas siphoning that occurred during the gas crisis in the 1970's, where people would suck on a pipe to start the flow of fuel from one source to another.
My ass really hurts after last night, but my partner really wanted to experience the 1970's Gas Crisis.
by GasMan September 4, 2012
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