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A naked Lambrini is where a team of people are on a long journey and in order to make the journey shorter and have fun they will all buy 3+ bottles of 1.5 Litre bottles of Lambrini and take all their clothes off and no one can put their clothes back on until all the Lambrini is completely finished.
Person 1: hey mate wanna do naked Lambrini

Person 2: okay but we mustn’t tell anyone who wasn’t part of the game
Person 1: deal
by Garfunkel June 21, 2019

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This is the famous Gregor Moodie’s snapchat, the man, the myth, the legend that is Gregor Moodie. Best known for his drunken antics from the tartan heart festival that is belladrum
Girl1:Did you see Gregor.moodie26 written in the cubicle

Girl2:yeah I added him, he sent me pics
by Garfunkel August 12, 2019

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