3 definitions by GAGESTR

One of the best OGs to ever live, he is a god at fortnut and loves to get mad in playground. He is a great person to let all your secrets out to so he can spill the tea to other classmates.
Mirac Ibas is salty in playgrounds
by GAGESTR October 17, 2018
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a fun salty opoornunity to do it the fortnut and its perfecr for the following, Mirac to get salty, Ronnie to complain, Ali to go play overwatch, Efe to kill in 1v1s while spectating, And Gage to scream every time he dies
hey wann play Playground mode
by GAGESTR October 17, 2018
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he is definitely one of the best teacher to live. he is a god at fortnite and his family definitely loves him
Gage Charette it dimb
by GAGESTR October 16, 2018
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