2 definitions by Fuck lasalle

A seat with a dildo on the top so you sit on the dildo
Wayne jr: Did you see Matt's new to him Phoenix? It has two French seats.

Zack: those are sweet!
by Fuck lasalle October 22, 2020
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The act of shitting all over a wall, toilet seat, dumpster, or other vertical plane.

A favorite act of panhandlers and bass fisherman alike.
Ruben (to a Truckstops of America team member):

"Do you have any showers Available?"

Truckstops of America team member (to Ruben):

"We did but the several guys from the bass tour just slaunched in them. Matter of fact, your friend Clay just slaunched the last one. The showers are all closed for cleaning."
by Fuck lasalle February 15, 2021
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