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That time of night when everybody who's still out is crazy drunk and anyone with sense is safe at home.
Some girl just drunk dialed me and already forgot that she did it and now some guy just drove over the lawn instead of the driveway, it's crazy o'clock, time to go home.
by FucilloHuge September 02, 2014

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verb, abbreviation of "volume yo-yo" the act of lowering the volume during television commercials then raising it again when the regular program resumes.
"I hate watching TV with my dad, he's hard of hearing so we have to turn it way up, but he hates commercials and wants them muted, so we have to play vo-yo the whole time."
by FucilloHuge March 30, 2010

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Title of a man holding a purse for his girlfriend or wife.
I had to be the purse squire for my wife for over an hour while she tried on clothes in the fitting room at the mall and she still didn't buy anything!
by FucilloHuge September 23, 2012

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When seeds from tree get in your gutters on the roof of your house and begin to grow into seedlings inside the gutter.
I love the shade from my maple tree but in the spring it drops a bunch of seeds in my gutter and I have gutter bonsai all along the edge of my roof.
by FucilloHuge June 07, 2011

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