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(n) In law or other industries where time is entered by professionals for billing to clients, the process by which the time is "written down," by owners of the firm to reduce the compensation of the professionals entering the time.

Frequently, this phenomenon is accompanied by the owners of the firm "writing up" their own time on the same file to increase their own share of the billings to the client.
I billed 200 hours last month, but the backfield shrinkage will probably cut that in half by the time that it gets billed out.
by Frustrated_Monolingual December 29, 2010

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(n) - In a workplace setting, a proposal with which the proposing party is obsessively infatuated in spite of the fact that the idea obviously lacks commercial, technical or intellectual merit. The term "midget dick" is especially appropriate to proposals advanced by leadership, because the Napoleonic height of the midget is implicitly compared to the leadership of the proposing party. Midget dick proposals are usually implemented only if the midget is sufficiently powerful that coworkers are unwilling to point out the obvious deficiencies.
The customers are going to make fun of the latest midget dick from our product manager, but nobody's willing to stop her because she's sleeping with the boss.
by Frustrated_Monolingual January 19, 2011

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(noun) - A (typically highly educated) professional working in the United States due to scarce technical skills and in spite of a a deeply Limited English Proficiency (LEP). This is a very common malady in technology companies, university science and engineering departments, and government agencies that import significant portions of their workforce
Our electrical engineering department is just full of LEPers. Nice guys, and you can get lectures in circuit theory in any of 5 dozen asian languages, but there isn't a damn one of them that can hang together two English sentences.
by Frustrated_Monolingual August 04, 2009

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