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A tie up as in handcuffs. To end up caught or something/someone who get's you caught.
He wanted to smoke in his room, but i told him that is a hem up because his mom could walk in at any time.
by Frosty Kittens October 18, 2010

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Bullshit useless notes taken page by page in a boring novel of the teachers choice that if you don't do then you will ask friends for it so you don't fail.
You - "Hey, did you do those annotations last night?"

Friend - "Yeah but I've already promised three other people it."

by Frosty Kittens April 24, 2011

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To watch Netflix and sleep
Hey Neens, i'm so tired but I want to watch the new season of OITNB; I guess I should just Sleefix tonight
by Frosty Kittens June 19, 2016

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