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Just a camper on FPS that is really pissing you off! If their camping in a bin, see bin dick!
"Fucking camperdick!"
"Camperdick just killed me
by Fromie lad March 17, 2008

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Someone who on the game Call of Duty 4, decides to hide inside a bin on the crossfire map. This is not only really annyoing, it's just plain stupid. Derived from James Thomas deciding to "bin dick" being that he can't win fairly. The term camper dick can refer to anyone who does the same, but not inside a bin i.e. hides in long grass.
"Bin dick, fucking play!"
"It's all your fault Bin dick!"
"Stop camping bin dick!"
by Fromie lad March 17, 2008

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Someone who on FPS Call of Duty 4 (or any other game for that matter), only uses the SAW light machine gun. This can irritate others in that in a one-on-one situation, the SAWdick can kill you first because his gun is just powerful. Otherwose useless, as it couldn't hit a donkey's arse with a frying pan and takes about 16 years to reload. Can be used in conjunction with Bin dick or Camperdick.
"SAWdick just fuckin got me again... prick"
"I'm kicking Camperdick and Bin dick's ass, just SAWdick to kill now!"
by Fromie lad March 17, 2008

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Someone who's life revolves round facebook, adding people they barely know or don't know at all to artificially exaggerate their freind count. Spend 90% of their time awake on facebook
"DUDE, go out and get some real friends"
"He cant man, he's a facebook whore"
by fromie lad January 08, 2009

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