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The name Mahomet is a medieval European version of Muhammad, the name of the Prophet of Islam.
In the middle ages the Templars were tortured into confessing that they followed Mahomet.

The Devil Baphomet is a variation of Mahomet.
by Friday13 July 15, 2010
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When a guy looks down on his cock and discovers that its covered in blood because his girlfriend forgot to tell him she was on her period/rags.

Is also known as an ice-cream on a stick.
Dude! My girl Kate gave me a strawberry paddlepop!

WTF! You pulled out your cock and it had period blood all over it?

Yeh dude! The bitch gave me a strawberry paddlepop!

Whatta whore!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
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Brian is a slave to cock!!!

"Holy cow I know!" "Every time I go over there Brian is either raving about sucking cock or has a cock in his mouth."

Like totally, he even has a mould of Muhammad's cock that he takes to bed like a teddybear!
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
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Anals beads is something you put in your arsehole and pull out one by one.

Also now known as a hot fashion accessory worn out in public, much like wearing a string of pearls.
Wow you and Kate are so kewl Brian, but next time wash those anal beads before you put them around your neck. It kinna smells and screams a Springer episode.
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
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When a guy or girl has anal sex day and night.

To have anal sex more than 7 times a week.
Brian was a total anal queen. Brian just loved Texan cock and was a total arse bandit!
by Friday13 August 06, 2010
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A Golden Retriever is a dog.

Golden Retriever is also known as a blond girls pussy.

Pussy hair or pubic hair that is golden, yellow or blond.
Kate showed Glenn her golden retriever while Glenn showed Kate his fire crotch.
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
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When you feel compelled to kidnap and steal.
I went out with Sisi to a liquor store and she pulled a Rick Ross on me and then got nabbed for a DUI.

Pulling a Rick Ross is so kewl!
by Friday13 July 18, 2010
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