EFG stands for Epic Fail Guy. He is a meme on the website 4chan. He is usually represented as a stick figure wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and never does anything right. Combo? Fail. Meme? Fail. Comment? Joke? All fail. He can't even shoop a decent whoop.
anonymous: fail.
by Fresnel August 23, 2007
Abbreviation for: Extremely - Fucking - Good/Gansta
When summfin ain't even G no more... it is then EFG
Barry: Yeah mate, that was G
Frazer: na na m9.... IT WAS EFG
Barry: Nice fraze
Frazer: you're a wanker
by Erndy August 18, 2015
abbreviation for Every Fucking Goddamn <something>. bonus points when used with Hour to get EFGH.

also makes memorizing the alphabet song more fun.
1. On the way to work i hit EFG stop light

2. That yippy dog woke me up EFGH last night!
by SKDu69 March 25, 2010
Reverse of GFE; Used on Craigslist to hide from law enforcement that the whore provides "girl friend experience" services including bare back blow jobs to completion and full service.
IMUS: Those knappy headed ho's are EFG providers.
CBS: You dumb ass, you're fired!
by Imus On The Dole April 13, 2007
abbriviation for evil fucking grin
philimon: dude i blew up that guys post box!
sipho: LOL!
philimon efg
by doppy November 1, 2004
Efg means that someone want you to stop
Efg you
by MrCat22 October 8, 2020
A dumbstruck comment when you have 0 clue how to respond to something.
Joe: I wanna lick her tits so good
John: efg
by swift. October 28, 2021