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When some is extremely stupid or outrageous it is nine times stupider than asinine.
That just assholenine to beat the hell out of your pregnant girlfriend.
by Fresh61 October 30, 2020
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Normally, used in situations where you want vengeance and not only do you want that person to experience the disgusting act of eating shit. You want the motherfucker to get a taste of the shit to further solidify how you want that person to feel. In a word,”shitty!”
by Fresh61 March 15, 2021
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Cussed, not to be confused with cussed out, is when someone is pissed off at you and begins to cuss at you. You walk away and they continue to cuss at the back of you head until you cannot hear them cussing.

Cussed out is when the person stops cussing and walks away from you.
Jack got cussed by Jeannie and the last thing he heard was, “Stupid Motherfucker.” The rest just sound like ranting through the walls.
by Fresh61 March 04, 2021
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This is when a person claims to be innovative enough to have a start up business and in reality they are unemployed.
Joe claims he is an entrepreneur, but he is just unemployed. He is an entrebrokenegro.
by Fresh61 November 11, 2019
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