3 definitions by French Toast and Cheese

Someone who cannot comprehend how to operate a rain poncho or a country.
Bush, George W. is happy because now he's been moved to second-worst president of all time.
by French Toast and Cheese March 15, 2017
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Ivanka Trump is one of five real-life examples of devil spawn. She is what you get when a white-trash person wins the lottery. She smells like blood, expensive perfume, and daddy's money. If she wasn't wealthy, she'd be a hooker.
Ivanka Trump is a human butt lump.
by French Toast and Cheese March 16, 2017
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A name for a couple that has been together for quite a while but rarely kisses. For instance, when they grow old together, he'll be playing with her neck waddle instead of kissing her.
There's neck waddle again, why don't they just act like a normal couple?
by French Toast and Cheese March 13, 2017
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