4 definitions by Freezy Fruster

Noun (singular) - less common: A forcible bowel movement that adheres to the interior of the toilet bowl.

N (plural) - more common: The condition of having explosive lower gastrointestinal distress due to poor meals.
"Dude, after those 12 burritos and seven beers, I had Taco Shots this morning."

"The pledge noticed, prepared to clean stall #3, that a large Taco Shot had been left on the back of the bowl."
by Freezy Fruster May 4, 2009
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N. fruhst: When sweeping a floor, the line of dust and lint which stays on the floor at the edge of the dustpan.
I know Cecelia swept the floor, because I saw a line of FRUST where she stopped.
by Freezy Fruster May 4, 2009
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ADJ: The condition of being born and raised in an unrepentant reverence of the dedication to liberal ideals. Usually applies only to rich, white individuals with no aspirations for political power.
"The dude was raised in a van by his drug dealing parents, who let him smoke weed. They taught him to rebel against everything. Basically, he's Factory Pink."
by Freezy Fruster May 4, 2009
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The movement and actions of an individual with polyuria in a crowd, who must leave to urinate. This frequently involves dodging, darting, and abrupt movements towards the bathroom. "Langerhans" is from the Isle of Langerhans, an organ in the body afflicted by diabetics, who, by virtue of their affliction, urinate frequently, but the definition is not restricted to diabetics.
"After that seventh beer, John was doing the Langerhans Polka the rest of the night."
by Freezy Fruster May 4, 2009
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