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1.) SC2 is hella better than DOA... or any other figting game for that matter.

2.) After many years and delays (and also an equal number of suicides) Blizzard finally released SC2.
by Freaky Fish Guy August 07, 2010
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1.)The Hipster bisexual.

Because being "bi" is SOOO high school conformist.
Somehow me being pansexual means that I am less affected by society, and that I am more open and accepting than a bisexual... I think.
by Freaky Fish Guy December 27, 2010
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(ソウルキャリバーII, "SōruKyaribā Tsū" in Japanese)

1.) The correct spelling of SoulCaliber II

2.) The sequal to SoulCalibur (which is technically not a standalone game. It is actually a sequal to a game on the PlayStation called Soul Edge).
Although Soul Calibur was released on the Dreamcast, it's sequal was released only on the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox.
1.) It's "Soul CalibUr," retards.

2.) SoulCalibur II is hella better than Soul Calibur... or any other fighting game, for that matter.
by Freaky Fish Guy August 06, 2010
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(ソウルエッジ, "Sōru Ejji" In Japanese)

The very little-known game released on the PlayStation that is actually the first game in the Soul Series, with the rest of the games bearing the title SoulCalibur.

It is a fantastic game, and it is sad that few know of the game that began such an iconic series.
Soul Edge is an awsome classic fighting game.

..."What's 'soul edge'?"
by Freaky Fish Guy August 06, 2010
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The all-encompasing title given to all of the SoulCalibur fighting games (Currently I through IV), and the little-known original that started the series: Soul Edge.
The Soul Series kicks DOA's ass.
by Freaky Fish Guy August 06, 2010
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