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The final affirmation.
Somebody gave my definition a thumbs up. My life is complete.
by frazer June 21, 2004

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Drink; the best cocktail on earth. Looks like red Caipirinha, but consists of 2 cl tequila, 2 cl creme de cassis, 2 cl limejuice and ginger ale (tastes very good in addition with quartered limes).
"One El Diablo."
"Oh, this El Diablo tastes very good."
by frazer January 16, 2005

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wen you have a itchy patch in ur nether region
wen u do this:
put ur hands dwn ur pants nd scratch
by Frazer May 13, 2004

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Rhyming slang: Cadburys Smash
Will you take a cheque?
No, got to be
by Frazer December 05, 2004

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a guy hu lyks to poop on girls heads because it gives them pleasure
hi, nice hed, can i take a poop on you becausae it gives me pleasure
by Frazer May 13, 2004

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