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Means to punch someone in the face
Do u wanna get blocked to your face, then stfu!!!
by Fortnite1500 November 21, 2020

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A humorous way of asking someone if they like pineapple but no one gets it
Friend #1: Do u fike poneapple?
Friend #2: Huh, do u mean do I like pineapple?
Friend #1: Yee
by Fortnite1500 October 09, 2020

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The most feared man in Star Wars known for Force-choking people and the breathing
Oh my god, if you annoy me one more time, I’ll have Darth Vader Force Choke you.
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by Fortnite1500 February 25, 2020

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Slang term for a urinal deodorizer puck especially if it involves putting one filled with piss in someones mouth
Tyler: Whats Up, Ya Little Bitch. Ya Tyler's Bitch.
Andy: Watch the Language, Tyler.
Tyler: Whatcha gonna do about, huh pussy, u gonna "'cwy" about it to ur mommy and daddy, u little fuckin' cwybaby?
Andy: Thats it, you little punk. Hand over the phone and computer.
Tyler: U think ur tough now, you little faggot, u think ur fuckin' tough now.
Andy: Hand me your phone and computer now. You smartass.
Tyler: Since when is a cwybaby my dad, I thought my dad was a tough, strong man. Hey, whats this? A Narc Puck? Ooh la la, its got piss all over it.
Andy: Get in the corner now, you little punk!
Tyler: Nope, put the narc puck in ur mouth, u little punk, put it in ur motherfuckin' mouth, faggot.
by Fortnite1500 November 12, 2019

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A obese black woman who has a bitchy attitude
Jeez, what a razi bitch
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by Fortnite1500 September 22, 2019

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The funniest fucking dude and main character in project x which is as funny as fuck and if you haven’t fucking seen it, you better fucking go, it’s such a cool fucking movie
Tyler: I wanna be just like Costa in that movie, Project X and host a wild party at my grandmas house

Stevens: Dude, you’ll get ur ass arrested so fucking fast
Tony: Yeah Tyler, that would be a dumbass mistake
Tyler: Shit’s worth it sometimes
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by Fortnite1500 June 28, 2019

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Go Away
Scram or I’ll call the fucking cops on you
by Fortnite1500 April 22, 2019

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