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Walt Disney - When someone freezes during a routine or a particular situation.
Game 7 of the finals...

Yo, that nigga pulled a walt disney at the foul line.
by Fly May 12, 2004
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party - to perform an orgy of sex, or run a train. Ie...2 guys and 1 girl.
Yo son...you wouldn't believe that smut let me and Tone party on her.

Yo, me and Tone partied that bitch last nite.
by Fly May 13, 2004
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sitka alaska slang for cocain
thats some bomb hoo ha aint it?
by fly February 04, 2004
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As with almost all Quebecois swear words, this one refers to an item in the church,the box the communion wafers are stored in. (taberbnacle)
Usually used as a exclamation!
Tabarnak, that hurt!
by fly January 08, 2005
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