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Someone who drives a race car for a living.

Derived from the word:

race - noun. A competition of speed, as in running or riding.

and the suffix:

ist - One that performs a specified action
Hey NASCAR is on! Let's watch all the racists go around the track in their race cars!

Look at that guy in the race car... he is such a racist!
by Flubba bubba boo April 18, 2005

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Proof that chimps should not be allowed to play with guns.
Look, that chimp has a gun... he must be a gangster!
by Flubba bubba boo March 16, 2005

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Somebody with Down's Syndrome who has attended electronics school.
Wow! Look at what Corky has done to his Speak and Spell... he is such the little circuit bender!
by Flubba bubba boo December 19, 2006

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Information technology. The IT department is the only place that can be identified by smell alone because it stinks of arm pits, ass cheese, and bad breath.
Hey! Those anti-social computer geeks in the IT department don't know the meaning of personal hygiene.

I drove one of the IT guys home from work and now my car smells so bad, I have to sell it.
by Flubba bubba boo July 29, 2005

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What happens when chimps excape from the zoo and get hold of guns and motor vehicles.

Where Mv = Motor Vehicle, Ch = Chimp, D = Drive by. It can be equated as follows:

Mv + Ch = D

Where MD = Multiple drive by, and x is equal to any number greater than 1, the following equation holds true:

Mv + (x)Ch = MD
Hey look, those chimps have a gun and car keys! WATCH OUT!
by Flubba bubba boo April 14, 2005

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An antisocial idiot who has nothing better to do than to write about their totally meaningless life and present it on the internet. Bloggers are greasy-haired geeks who stink of sour ass cheese and pus breath due to their lack of tooth brushings and flossings which has led them down the road to gum disease.
Hey, look at that blogger, stinking of bad breath and sour ass cheese... what a useless geek!

Hey blogger! Merry Christmas! Here's some soap to wash your sour, cheesy ass with and a toothbrush to brush your green, pus-covered teeth with... If you use these, maybe you can get a date.

Bloggers are total losers!
by Flubba bubba boo March 09, 2005

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People who stood in line to purchase PS3's so that they could resell them on ebay. This prevented people who really wanted them for their kids for Christmas from buying them locally.
Hey! Look at those 200 PS3 niggers standing in line to buy the 15 PS3's that Walmart has. PS3 niggers must suck at math!

Look at those PS3 niggers pissing and shitting their pants because they don't want to lose their place in line!

Look at all those PS3's on ebay for 1,000,000 dollars each! What a bunch of PS3 niggers!

PS3 Nigger: Hey lookie here Jed, I sold a year's supply of welfare cheese and am going to buy this here PS3 and resell it on ebay for 1 million dollars! Think how much beer and cigarettes I can buy then!
by Flubba bubba boo December 19, 2006

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