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Yet another one of the pet names for genitalia, specifically a male erection.
Dude, check out all the hot chicks in this cafe! ... I know, I've got to try and hide my raging purple pickle...
by FlamHoy September 21, 2010

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In other words, the explosive anal expulsion of hot liquid turds.

Occurs when, after eating dodgy McGreaseBall Burgers (or similar), the body stubbornly refuses to vomit - instead, as they've gotta come out somewhere, a bomit is born.
OMFG, I just bomited all over your couch, sorry dude!
by FlamHoy December 13, 2010

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A fat Wayne.
Wow, look at Waynoceros chow down on those doughnuts!
by FlamHoy September 23, 2010

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Any filthy fat burger from McDonalds, Burger King, etc. which is more or less guaranteed to make you bomit.
Man I'm fungry, I could smash a dirty big McGreaseBall Burger right about now...
by FlamHoy December 15, 2010

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