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1) One who is a jerkass, and asshat and an assclown simultaneously or in short succession.

2) Proof that I have no life and spend mine combining pointless terms.
Shut up jerkassclownhat!
by Flaaron July 25, 2003
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1) A combination of "Flaaanders" and Aaron.
2) A bracketed Simpsons quote.
3) A nickname created by Phil (see philmosexual).
4) One who uses this nickname.
Phil: Flaa(ro)n(!) Flaa(ro)n(!)
Flaaron: WHAT! What is it!?
Phil: Game's out there! Hah hah made you look!
by Flaaron November 27, 2003
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A term for... one-somes... popular with people who have access to pr0n.
Phil said he'd Be Right Back, but we all know he was feeding the ducks.
by Flaaron July 01, 2003
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