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There are 2 definitions of a Fijian:
1. Fijian (Kai Viti)- Native or indigenoius to the country that are very similar to polynesians not completly because they have melanesian desecnt known as ferocious cannibals before the missonarys arrived but now they are very calm nice and hospitable people majority are christians. They like to live the simple care free way always stay in the village and collect land money from the Kai indias. They are in control of the Military, Police Force,Land.
2. Indo- Fijian (Kai India)- Brought to the Islands as indentured labourers by the British from India but never left. Business type people virtually the backbone of the Fijian economy.Compared to native Fijians they are VERY smart. Without them Fiji would still be living tribal ways most of them have migrated out of the country during one of the coups either 1987 or 2000 not so sure about 2006 coup but many still remain in the islands. They are in control of the Business,Banks,Economy.
Pritesh - Indo Fijian

Sitiveni - Native Fijian
by Fijian Unity June 05, 2007

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Means "Door" In Fijian
Please close the Katoomba thank you
by Fijian Unity June 07, 2007

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