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1. A true northern lassy from the age of 14 who has no dignity at all and will sleep with ANYONE of any race or species for half a big mac and a can of cider.

2. A manchunian girl who spreads her legs revealing no knickers and does not allow men to wear condoms nor allows them to pull out untill her minge milks every last drop of cum from their cocks.

"Oh aye man, she's a true Tameside Girl! I couldn't pull out even if I wanted to!"

e.g. 2

"That sket is a true Tameside girl bruv, she called me gay for reaching for my condom"
by FessSquad January 21, 2012

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The mauritian word for a gentlemen or lady from pakistan.

That bitch is going out with a laskar!

by FessSquad September 16, 2008

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A term used to describe a woman who very much like the known frozen food brand has been processed over and over again.

The same woman will no doubt be pumped full of chems to preserve and maintain/nourish her figure and just to be safe, it's best to microwave her minge longer.
E.g. 1.

Guy 1: "She's fine mate! I'm gonna fuck her good tonight!"

Guy 2: "She's birdseye man, her minge is already like a bobsledge track"

E.g. 2.

"Yo bruv, don't tap that slag man, she's like birdseye init, bare brethren handled that blud!"
by FessSquad February 26, 2012

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A Hindu derogative word for arse wipe.

A just word to describe a towel head or asian downy cunt who gets into a more economically developed country like the UK by marrying a cum bucket aka a polish girl.
Hey gaan saff, don't get fresh with me you tep customs officer dodging freeloader!!
by FessSquad January 28, 2012

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(pronounced "shag-her-harder")

A muslim girl or muslim woman who runs off to drink alcohol and suck the sausages of men in clubs at night and wears a hijab during the day so her dad doesn't see the jizz run down her chin and honor kill her by suffocating her with a condom.
A Shagharada is your typical slutty whorish female muslim who claims to have self respect and self control but her social network sites are filled with pictures of her showing her ankles and Shagharadas take pride in having a pussy with a higher sperm count than all the men in Durkaland put together.
by FessSquad November 28, 2012

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An old bitch who drains the life source of the youth by being a stubbon menopausal wrinkly decaying piece of walking dead.
A Coffin Draugrette will hold up queues at supermarkets because she didn't get her coupon.

She will insist on being told why she didn't get her coupon especially when it has nothing to do with the till operator and she won't budge or die and then budge.
by FessSquad October 30, 2014

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A senile decaying elderly man aged between 45 to over 9000 who takes the piss by being old and a pain.
Guy 1: "Wish this Coffin Draugr would hurry the hell up and get this queue moving! I'm missing the game!!!"

Guy 2: "Yeah, sodding git shouldn't be permitted to leave the retirement home!"
by FessSquad October 30, 2014

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