3 definitions by Feng

n. A cute, short, pretty, sometimes annoying little female asian that has a really beautiful smile and runs into trees.
"Hey, are those moccassins you made? thats just like Kamille Go!"
by Feng February 14, 2005
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The biggest catgirl simp to ever exist.
person: “Do you think this girl is good looking?” Feng: “Ew, no!” person: “How about that one?” Feng: “Omfg, YES she’s so hot! person: “That’s literally the same person just with CAT EARS!!!”
by Feng June 27, 2021
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A gay male looking to jump on every cock in sight, often while pretending to be sensitive and extremely picky and selective.
* MqsTout is a dick bunny!
by Feng July 22, 2003
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